Need new styling tools - How do you choose?

Who would have thought there were so many choices when it comes to purchasing your straightening and styling tools. Ceramic| Ionic| Titanium| Tourmaline....?? So many brands offering all the latest technology and all varying in price. 

 I was confused as a stylist - so I thought I would share what I have learnt in my search to purchase my new tools.


First allow me to explain exactly what ‘ionic’ means. 

An ion is defined as an atom or molecule with a net electric charge due to the loss or gain of one or more electrons.  Whenever you see the term ionic on a hair tool (flat or curling irons, hooded or blow dryers) it refers to the ability of that tool to generate negative ions.  Hair is positively charged due to its high water content so when your strands are coated in negative ions it neutralizes the charge and results in hair that is sleek, straight, shiny and smooth.  Both ceramic and titanium are ionic metals, but titanium is a stronger generator. 

Perhaps you've already noticed the benefits of Tourmaline and ceramic plates. You may also have already heard about the benefits of negative ionization and infrared heat. But you've probably not heard about Kiyoseki, so keep reading while I try to describe this magic property as brief as possible. 

Kiyoseki itself is a Japanese mineral that has more beneficial ionization capabilities than that of Tourmaline. These highly beneficial ions, mixed with the negative ions generated by the Tourmaline, work to soften and smooth your hair by coating each shaft whilst creating more durability and less damage.

The Kiyoseki Styler Is the Latest Generation in Hair Straighteners

The Kiyoseki Styler is the latest breed of hair straightener wands, and it's one step ahead any of its nearest competitors..

The new Kiyoseki Styler utilise Kiyoseki onto its Tourmaline-coated ceramic plates. So we can have all of the benefits with all the latest technology in one product for a reasonable price!!!

 BaByliss Pro have done it! 


And when it comes to curlers...

The Starlet Styler is a must have for classic bouncy curls. The spoon lever is ideal for quick styling and they heat up to 210°C with constant distribution and instant recovery for consistent curls every time with long lasting results.


Or my personal favourite... 


The conical styler is the perfect tool that allows you to create a variety of styles from loose tousled waves to classic curls with a beautiful smooth and shiny finish.  


So in my search to find the right tools for me I hope that I have taken away some of the confusion of how to choose what's right for you.  

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Eyebrows- thick, thin, slick or bushy??

It's all about the shape! Full eyebrows are beautiful and exotic looking but we may not all be blessed with thickness. Here are some tips using our tweezers and pencil or shadow to help create that perfect shape. 



 Create the right shape for your face.

Create the right shape for your face.

The dimensions of your face will determine your perfect brow shape. You can use the guide above to determine where you will need to fill and where to tweeze.

TIP: Fill in the gaps before you start to tweeze. This gives you a template for which areas need to be shaped. Use a coloured powder or pencil for this process and leave the more waxy products to finish and keep the brow in place. Giving yourself this guideline will give you the confidence to tweeze in a beautiful shape. Try to stick with tweezing just the underneath and leave the top section to the professionals. 

  TIP: The perfect brow should feel natural to you. If your brows are fine or sparse, try just filling in the gaps to start - you can always add fullness later. Our real goal here is to create a beautiful shape. 

TIP: Brush your brows upwards to add volume and fullness. Most good eyebrow pencils will have a spool brush on the other end. If there is a stray long hair, trim sparingly. Hair that is trimmed will grow back stronger. If you have thick or bushy brows use a gel or wax product to keep them in place. 

TIP:   Start working on one brow and then move to the other. The use of a magnifying mirror will help. Remember to stand back from your mirror to create perspective. Focusing too closely on one brow may result in uneven brows.

 Gather your tools and product and allow yourself a little bit of time to shape the perfect brow for your face.  

So when the question is asked - What is the perfect brow? Thick, thin, slick or bushy? My answer is SHAPE!  

Happy tweezing ❤️ 

Humidity and Hair

Hot weather not only leaves us feeling hot and sticky it leaves us also with the dreaded humidity frizz! Here are a few tips to help tame your mane with the hot weather rapidly approaching...



TIP: Creating a frizz free mane starts at the time of shampooing..  Hair has lots of tiny strands coming off it and if you rub it dry, you ruffle the surface and that creates this frizz. Instead, squeeze out water with your towel. Blot don't rub!

 TIP: Rather than a serum, use an oil such as an Argan or Morrocan oil. Go for one with a slightly more fluid texture so it’s not too heavy, and comb it through the hair when wet. This will build up a thin resistant coating that protects hair from the effects of humidity. 

 TIP:   Once a week deep conditioning treatments help keep frizz and puffiness under control by maintaining healthy hair. Apply a moisture intensive treatment to your ends, wrap the hair up in plastic or a shower cap and wait anywhere from 30 minutes to several hours.This will infuse lots of moisture to decrease frizz and protect from humidity.

TIP: Heat your hair rather than blow drying. After combing your hair  through with your product, wrap your hair into a low nape bun leave to dry naturally for as long as possible. Use your dryer on the lowest speed highest heat or attach a diffuser (used to diffuse the air and heat the hair) to finish drying/styling your hair. 

It is possible to have curl not frizz in these extreme humid months. 

 This curl was created using all the tips above. 

This curl was created using all the tips above. 

If your hair is like mine, it's not straight or curly and you would like to make your smooth blow dry last on hot humid days- these tips are for you.

 TIP: Start with your shampoo and conditioner - using frizz free moisturizing products here is the key. When you dry remember again to blot not rub!

TIP: Choose an awesome smoothing balm. We like Keune Sculpting Lotion   as it has humectant repellant ingredients which provide a barrier between your hair and the moisture from the humidity. 

TIP: Make sure your hair is completely dry before straightening. Any moisture left in the hair when you leave the house will attract more moisture, so before styling your hair make sure it’s 80% dry.  Use your blow dryer with the nozzle facing down while simultaneously using your fingers as a comb. 

TIP: Sectioning is really important for keeping your hair straight. On the more humid days take your sections finer than normal.  This may take a little longer but will be worth the effort. 

TIP:   Finish with a hairspray or a anti-humidity spray. This will provide another barrier to keep the frizz at bay.  


 *from frizz to straight

*from frizz to straight

Let the summer begin!!! 

Hairpieces, Padding and Hair Extensions

Do you have fine hair or feel like you might need extra volume for the hair style you want to wear on your wedding day?

Bridal hair styling can be quite confusing for you as a client - you know what you would like but is your hair long enough or thick enough? Working with an experienced hair stylist, all these questions will be answered at your trial. There are a few different options which will enhance your style. The options that I choose to use are for special occasion and can create your desired look without damage to your hair. 

 Clip-in extensions have been used for this style.  

Clip-in extensions have been used for this style.  

CLIP-IN HUMAN HAIR EXTENSIONS These hair extensions are designed to be removed after your special occasion with no damage to your natural hair. Designed to provide extra volume and maybe some added length. For the best results make sure that your extensions are human hair so that they may be colour matched and heat styled. Look for key words such as, double or triple remy - meaning silky or smooth in texture. Clip in extensions can be purchased in 18", 20" or 22" lengths. 

PADDING is used to create the illusion of having lots of hair when you may have finer hair- never fear padding is here! Placement of your padding will depend on where you would like to create your fullness in your upstyle. This is easy to use and very affordable and will make all the difference with your desired look. You may have or have used a padding called a 'donut'. These paddings have become extremely popular for clients to create the timeless ballerina bun. Your hairstylist will have variations of this style of padding to create a more enhanced version of your chosen upstyle. So whether it be a classic chignon, a ballerina inspired bun or to build volume in your romantic updo, padding is an excellent styling secret.

 Padding has been used here to build the volume out in this style. 

Padding has been used here to build the volume out in this style. 

HAIRPIECE similar to the clip-in extensions, a hairpiece is a human hair piece that is added as one into your upstyle. If your dream style requires extra hair your stylist will colour match a piece to 'fill out' your own hair to create your desired look. It is still very important to use a quality piece so as not to see the difference between the piece and your natural hair. 

 This style has had a human hair piece added. 

This style has had a human hair piece added. 

At your trial you will be able to discuss this with your stylist to find out which of the three options will work better for you.  

Airbrush v's Traditional Makeup

 The most common question when it comes to the type of makeup to have for your wedding day is the difference between airbrush and traditional makeup? 

Every type of makeup has it’s own pros and cons. Every makeup artist will have their own opinion on what they prefer to use on their brides. Ultimately, it all depends on your personal preference. If you can’t decide between the two, do a trial with both and see what you’re most comfortable with.


AIRBRUSH MAKEUP  A light-weight makeup applied through an air gun machine that produces a thin, even layer of makeup and creates either a light, medium or full coverage. It will give you both a dewy or matte finish depending on what you like. How it’s used: A small amount of a very thin makeup designed for air brush use is put into a chamber of a gun. When the machine is turned on and the gun trigger pulled, a light spray of makeup comes out of the gun in a fine mist. The fine mist of colour covers the skin and gives the appearance of a flawless complexion. Your makeup artist will mix foundation colours for a perfect blend to match your skin tone. Since it’s such a fine mist your true skin tone shows through which makes it look more natural and not so much caked on. It will not transfer onto clothing, In professional photographs it looks amazing! Airbrush makeup is water resistant and it won’t go anywhere until you wash it off. Be sure you don’t wipe away sweat/tears and instead ‘blot’. This will help guarantee your 16 hours of wear.

TRADITIONAL MAKEUP A Liquid, cream, or pressed powder that is usually applied with a sponge, brush or finger tips. Traditional makeup comes in the widest variety of any other makeup, with every shade available. It’s also the most versatile of all the makeup; it can be as basic as a sheer tint of coverage, or combined with other properties to create a makeup that targets a very specific look. How it’s used: This particular makeup is the only makeup that, given the appropriate formula is chosen, can be used in any situation at any given time. Traditional makeup works very well on more mature skin as it can target specific things like lifting and firming. It can be applied many different ways, from brush methods used with thicker foundations, to finger tips used for light and well blended applications.

For events such as weddings the durability and the flawless finish of the airbrush is my favoured method, skin texture permitting.