Eyebrows- thick, thin, slick or bushy??

It's all about the shape! Full eyebrows are beautiful and exotic looking but we may not all be blessed with thickness. Here are some tips using our tweezers and pencil or shadow to help create that perfect shape. 



Create the right shape for your face.

Create the right shape for your face.

The dimensions of your face will determine your perfect brow shape. You can use the guide above to determine where you will need to fill and where to tweeze.

TIP: Fill in the gaps before you start to tweeze. This gives you a template for which areas need to be shaped. Use a coloured powder or pencil for this process and leave the more waxy products to finish and keep the brow in place. Giving yourself this guideline will give you the confidence to tweeze in a beautiful shape. Try to stick with tweezing just the underneath and leave the top section to the professionals. 

  TIP: The perfect brow should feel natural to you. If your brows are fine or sparse, try just filling in the gaps to start - you can always add fullness later. Our real goal here is to create a beautiful shape. 

TIP: Brush your brows upwards to add volume and fullness. Most good eyebrow pencils will have a spool brush on the other end. If there is a stray long hair, trim sparingly. Hair that is trimmed will grow back stronger. If you have thick or bushy brows use a gel or wax product to keep them in place. 

TIP:   Start working on one brow and then move to the other. The use of a magnifying mirror will help. Remember to stand back from your mirror to create perspective. Focusing too closely on one brow may result in uneven brows.

 Gather your tools and product and allow yourself a little bit of time to shape the perfect brow for your face.  

So when the question is asked - What is the perfect brow? Thick, thin, slick or bushy? My answer is SHAPE!  

Happy tweezing ❤️