MAC Masterclass in New York City

In an ever-changing industry there is a major need to always keep learning.. we need to stay current and up to date with all that is happening in our hair and makeup world


I was recently in New York City and had the opportunity to learn from one of the few #macseniorartists Michelle Clark.

M.A.C. Cosmetics have always been a fave product of mine with their innovative looks and ideas.  


MAC Cosmetics Soho NY

MAC Cosmetics Soho NY

The class that I attended was all about TEXTURE. How to create a texture in the skin to look luminous where required and matte in areas that don’t need to shine!  It is key to know what works for different skin types where to apply and when.

The skin is such an important part of our look. I always like to highlight my clients best features - for example ‘the eyes’. However without great looking skin we seem to loose some of the sparkle.. so I say





So what do you use to create your ‘skin wins’ look?  

Firstly.... your skin care routine is imperative as to how your base/foundation sits on your skin. Make sure you are all over this step. 

Then... choose a primer that creates the look you are after - hydrating, luminous, pores minimizing or mattifying. 

Choose... a base or foundation that gives you coverage and finish you are after.  

Finally... add a powder and highlighter for your ‘skin wins’ look ❤️  

MAC products that we love 

  • Prep + Prime fix+ Hydrating mist • sets makeup $36

  • Prep + Prime Skin Refined Zone minimizes pores • mattifying • controls oil $36

  • Strobe Cream Hydrating • Clarifying • Luminising $42

  • Hyper Real Glow Palette Flash + Awe supercharged radiance $79