Need new styling tools - How do you choose?

Need new styling tools - How do you choose?

Who would have thought there were so many choices when it comes to purchasing your straightening and styling tools. Ceramic| Ionic| Titanium| Tourmaline....?? With so many brands offering all the latest technology and all varying in price, how do you choose the right one for you?

Humidity and Hair

Hot weather not only leaves us feeling hot and sticky it leaves us also with the dreaded humidity frizz! Here are a few tips to help tame your mane with the hot weather rapidly approaching...



TIP: Creating a frizz free mane starts at the time of shampooing..  Hair has lots of tiny strands coming off it and if you rub it dry, you ruffle the surface and that creates this frizz. Instead, squeeze out water with your towel. Blot don't rub!

 TIP: Rather than a serum, use an oil such as an Argan or Morrocan oil. Go for one with a slightly more fluid texture so it’s not too heavy, and comb it through the hair when wet. This will build up a thin resistant coating that protects hair from the effects of humidity. 

 TIP:   Once a week deep conditioning treatments help keep frizz and puffiness under control by maintaining healthy hair. Apply a moisture intensive treatment to your ends, wrap the hair up in plastic or a shower cap and wait anywhere from 30 minutes to several hours.This will infuse lots of moisture to decrease frizz and protect from humidity.

TIP: Heat your hair rather than blow drying. After combing your hair  through with your product, wrap your hair into a low nape bun leave to dry naturally for as long as possible. Use your dryer on the lowest speed highest heat or attach a diffuser (used to diffuse the air and heat the hair) to finish drying/styling your hair. 

It is possible to have curl not frizz in these extreme humid months. 

This curl was created using all the tips above. 

This curl was created using all the tips above. 

If your hair is like mine, it's not straight or curly and you would like to make your smooth blow dry last on hot humid days- these tips are for you.

 TIP: Start with your shampoo and conditioner - using frizz free moisturizing products here is the key. When you dry remember again to blot not rub!

TIP: Choose an awesome smoothing balm. We like Keune Sculpting Lotion   as it has humectant repellant ingredients which provide a barrier between your hair and the moisture from the humidity. 

TIP: Make sure your hair is completely dry before straightening. Any moisture left in the hair when you leave the house will attract more moisture, so before styling your hair make sure it’s 80% dry.  Use your blow dryer with the nozzle facing down while simultaneously using your fingers as a comb. 

TIP: Sectioning is really important for keeping your hair straight. On the more humid days take your sections finer than normal.  This may take a little longer but will be worth the effort. 

TIP:   Finish with a hairspray or a anti-humidity spray. This will provide another barrier to keep the frizz at bay.  


*from frizz to straight

*from frizz to straight

Let the summer begin!!!