Need new styling tools - How do you choose?

Who would have thought there were so many choices when it comes to purchasing your straightening and styling tools. Ceramic| Ionic| Titanium| Tourmaline....?? So many brands offering all the latest technology and all varying in price. 

 I was confused as a stylist - so I thought I would share what I have learnt in my search to purchase my new tools.


First allow me to explain exactly what ‘ionic’ means. 

An ion is defined as an atom or molecule with a net electric charge due to the loss or gain of one or more electrons.  Whenever you see the term ionic on a hair tool (flat or curling irons, hooded or blow dryers) it refers to the ability of that tool to generate negative ions.  Hair is positively charged due to its high water content so when your strands are coated in negative ions it neutralizes the charge and results in hair that is sleek, straight, shiny and smooth.  Both ceramic and titanium are ionic metals, but titanium is a stronger generator. 

Perhaps you've already noticed the benefits of Tourmaline and ceramic plates. You may also have already heard about the benefits of negative ionization and infrared heat. But you've probably not heard about Kiyoseki, so keep reading while I try to describe this magic property as brief as possible. 

Kiyoseki itself is a Japanese mineral that has more beneficial ionization capabilities than that of Tourmaline. These highly beneficial ions, mixed with the negative ions generated by the Tourmaline, work to soften and smooth your hair by coating each shaft whilst creating more durability and less damage.

The Kiyoseki Styler Is the Latest Generation in Hair Straighteners

The Kiyoseki Styler is the latest breed of hair straightener wands, and it's one step ahead any of its nearest competitors..

The new Kiyoseki Styler utilise Kiyoseki onto its Tourmaline-coated ceramic plates. So we can have all of the benefits with all the latest technology in one product for a reasonable price!!!

 BaByliss Pro have done it! 


And when it comes to curlers...

The Starlet Styler is a must have for classic bouncy curls. The spoon lever is ideal for quick styling and they heat up to 210°C with constant distribution and instant recovery for consistent curls every time with long lasting results.


Or my personal favourite... 


The conical styler is the perfect tool that allows you to create a variety of styles from loose tousled waves to classic curls with a beautiful smooth and shiny finish.  


So in my search to find the right tools for me I hope that I have taken away some of the confusion of how to choose what's right for you.  

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